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Summer Baseball Camp Lineup 

4-Day Camps & New Baseball Mastery Option! 

4-Day Camps


DATE: June 19th-22nd

TIME: 9am UNTIL 12pm 


DATE: Aug 21st-24th

TIME: 9am UNTIL 12pm 


DATE: Aug 14th-17th

TIME: 9am UNTIL 12pm 


Baseball Mastery Camp

July 17-20 9am-12pm
Ages 11 - 14 Year Olds

We will provide daily lessons that will help committed baseball players 11-14 years old achieve breakthrough results in 5 areas important to the game:


1.  Brain/Body Connection and Enhancement.  Players will conduct drills that require hand and feet coordination (creating bilateral stimulation of the cerebral cortex). By perfoming these drills, the player will build an athlete within himself who will be able to perform on the field at higher and higher levels as his brain and body become more connected and more coordinated.


2.  Mind/Body Mastery.  Success in Baseball requires resiliency.  Players will routinely experience negative outcomes from which they will have to recover.  Having a healthy context for what the game is, is only a first step to dealing with the challenges of the game.  Players will be taught routines to master their state.  Breathing, visualization techniques and a specific process to not only overcome negative outcomes, but condition the player for future success will be taught and practiced throughout the camp.


3.  Hitting.  Players will learn advanced drills to hit and bunt the baseball with the outcomes of: mastering both path for consistent contact; mastering sequencing and power generation; and for bunting, will master the fundamentals, making the skill as easy as catching a baseball.


4.  Fielding.  Players will learn the distinctions that enable them to be elite defenders and separate them from their peers.  They will learn drills that they can do with a coach, friend, or on their own to master fielding.


5.  Strategy. The game inside the game.  Players will learn how to find patterns in the game and how uncovering these patterns can provide the edge that enables them to win.  They will be taught how to read pitchers, how to prepare for at bats, how to look for weaknesses in their opponents play, strategy and tactics and how to exploit.


Led by Coach Bob Wright, the camp will run from 9am - 12pm, July 17th to July 20th.


Bob has been a successful baseball and basketball coach leading teams to over 50 tournament and league championships over the last 10 years.  He’s been studying, teaching and coaching sports psychology, mind/body mastery and skills development for over 40 years.

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