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ALL organizations and individual participants ARE REQUIRED to agree to our online waiver

and acknowledgement forms prior to using our facilities:

Steelyard Sports is committed to providing extensive procedures and policies 

to keep all participants and employees safe!

Please see our policies below:

1) Certain organized team sports are not allowed in “Yellow”, and that the event that I am attending is an informal workout or sports-related camp, and, more specifically, if the event is indoors, it is a camp. The Montgomery County Department of Health has ruled that outdoor baseball and softball practices can occur during the Yellow phase following CDC safety guidelines.

2) Steelyard requires every participant to sign a Steelyard Sports Waiver before being allowed to begin any rental session. I will provide Steelyard Sports with a roster of the participants in advance of each session, and every participant will be required to check-in per the new Steelyard Check-in procedures to insure that no participant is using Steelyard’s facilities without having signed a Steelyard waiver.

3) Require all participants to read, understand and comply with all relevant CDC Guidelines for COVID-19, including the CDC COVID-19 Considerations for Youth and Summer Camps dates May 19, 2020, and the Pa Department of Health’s Summer Recreation, Camps and Pools communication dated May 22nd, 2020.

4) Capacity restrictions at Steelyard during the “Green” phase for each rental area:

Outdoor field: 250 persons maximum
Training area (indoor):  40 persons maximum
Arena (indoor):  60 persons maximum
Training + Arena area together will not exceed 100 persons at any time.
Speed Training/Batting Cages:  30 people maximum

5) Practice socially distancing, maintain a distance of at least 3 feet apart, whenever possible, and supervise groups to insure that equipment is not shared.

6) Coaches, counsellors and trainers are required to wear masks during activities at Steelyard Sports

7) During the “green” phase, parents/guardians and siblings of participants are not allowed to observe my rental event. Spectators are prohibited from watching the event either inside or outside the facility, unless located in their vehicle.  Events are “drop off” and “pick up” only.

8)  Continuous disinfecting and cleaning will be conducted by Steelyard Staff.  Encourage all attendees to use extensive cleaning and hand sanitizer practices.


9) Families are responsible for monitoring the Participant's temperature and overall health.  Any Participant with a fever at or above 99.5 degrees will not be allowed to attend the camp.  Any direct exposure the Participant or his/her family to a person with Covid-19 over the last 14 days should not attend the camp.  Steelyard reserves the right to check the temperature of Participant.

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