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Facility Rules

All Deposits made by the User to Steelyard are considered non-refundable.

User and all of User’s participants, invitees, vendors, contractors, subcontractors, volunteers, employees and other third parties (other than the Operator), who may enter the Facility or the Property during the Use Period, agree to abide by Pennsylvania State and Federal Law.

Facility Rules and Regulations:

  1. Each visitor to Steelyard Sports is obliged to behave on the premises of the facility so that their actions do not endanger the safety of others and their property.

  2. Visitors are required to comply with the regulations and instructions of Steelyard Sports.

  3. Visitors to Steelyard Sports are obliged to respect upon entry, the generally binding rules of good manners i.e. decency and consideration. They are also obliged to refrain from any manifestation of interpersonal, racial, religious or political intolerance. 

  4. Steelyard Sports has the right at its sole discretion to limit entry and/or require “appropriate spacing” for health and safety concerns.


Visitors to Steelyard Sports are forbidden to bring the following items or items of a similar nature or purpose: 


  1. Racist, abusive, vulgar or offensive propaganda material

  2. Any kind of weapon, as well as any objects that can be used for cutting, punching or stabbing

  3. Sprays, caustic, and flammable containers or other containers with substances that can affect health

  4. Alcoholic drinks and any type of drugs

  5. Animals

  6. Laser pointers


Visitors are also prohibited to:

  1. Crawl or climb over the structures and facilities not intended for general use, facades, beams, walls, etc.

  2. Enter areas that are not open to visitors such as the grounds, internal facilities, the rooms of functionaries (i.e. Backside of the facility)

  3. Bring or throw objects or liquids of any kind onto the field

  4. Write on, put stickers on or graffiti on the exterior or interior of facility

  5. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the premises



Anyone violating the principles of the Visitor Rules or the above stated prohibitions and restrictions may have their entry to Steelyard Sports by the owner for a definite period or depending on the seriousness of the conduct, for an indefinite period.

ALL organizations and individual participants ARE REQUIRED to agree to our online waiver

and acknowledgement forms prior to using our facilities:

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