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About Steelyard Sports

Steelyard Sports is an Indoor/Outdoor Training Facility in King of Prussia, PA.

We are your destination for team rentals, camps/clinics, birthday parties, leagues, and tournaments for adults and youth. We want to create a fun, competitive environment for any athlete and team by offering a state-of-the-art indoor & outdoor sports complex. We strive to keep a clean, well-maintained facility that keeps families of athletes coming back!

Indoor Turf Arena

  • 170 feet by 75 feet

  • Artificial Turf

  • Heat and Fans

  • Divider Curtain splits the field in half

  • 1 Drop Down Baseball Cage

  • 2 Bench Areas with Double Doors

  • Accommodates all sports

  • Completely netted in

  • Scoreboard and Shot Clock


Indoor Multi-Purpose Field

  • 80 feet by 71 feet

  • Artificial Turf

  • Heat and Fans

  • Accommodates all sports

  • 2 Drop Down Baseball Cages 

  • Multiple L-Screens and mounds for baseball

  • Completely netted in

Outdoor Turf Field

  • 140 feet by 130 feet

  • With lights

  • Accommodates all sports

  • Full size soccer goals

  • 6ft high by 18ft wide soccer goals

  • 4-5 lacrosse goals


Fitness Center

  • 2900 Square Feet

  • Heat and Fans

  • 4 Power Racks

  • Benches

  • Free Weights

  • Stationary Bikes

  • Sleds and Boxes

  • Artificial Turf

Turf Track Area

  • 200 feet by 20 feet

  • With lights

  • Accommodates all sports

  • Perfect for speed training

  • Great for small group training


Auxiliary/Team Room

  • 400 Square Feet

  • For Conferences, Team Meeting and Birthday Parties

  • Multiple Tables and Chairs

  • TV with Cable and Laptop Connections

  • Whiteboard

  • Air Conditioning and Heat

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